Monday, December 15, 2014

It takes a village to build a Bearcat! Sean's hope for the future of NWMSU Central Iowa

Central Iowa Bearcats!

I wanted to write a quick note to all of you introducing myself to you and outline some ideas as the new president of the Northwest Central Iowa Alumni Chapter.  

I am Sean Gundersen, originally from a small town in Southwest Iowa- Hamburg, and now live in Urbandale. I graduated Northwest in 2010 with a Bachelors of Science in Recreation: Parks and Recreation Management and in 2013, with a Master of Science in Recreation Administration. Chelsea, my wife (pictured next to me) is from Urbandale and also a Northwest Grad, 2011,2014. I currently am working with Camp Fire of Iowa ( a Program Director running several day camps and childcare/ before and after school centers throughout the greater Des Moines Region.

I have some really BIG ideas for this group, but it is going to take everyone. Here are some of my ideas so far. I will work with the executive committee to determine the direction of this club. 

My first and foremost goal is to grow our club. I believe if we want to be great representatives of Northwest that we must advocate for social interactions with other Northwest Alumni.  I am extremely excited in working with the executive committee (yet to be completely determined) and all of the membership to assist in this primary goal.

My second goal is to build a self sustaining organization starting at the framework- getting people involved and engaged, providing opportunities to participate in various activities, and have a clear strategic plan outlining our goals and objectives and mission.

My third goal is to work to give back to Northwest in a scholarship gift. I believe that we should be encouraging the next generation of Bearcats as they make their way from Central Iowa to Maryville. I am not sure how we will accomplish this goal – as I want to keep this association a completely due free organization. More to come on this, when we get it figured out.

I am very excited to be in this position and I encourage you to help out in anyway that you can. Come and invite a friend to our next event, donate to our scholarship fund, or suggest and attend an event hosted by the association. I look forward to working in to the future with all of you. With your help we can be successful.

Go Bearcats!

Sean Gundersen

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