Thursday, August 16, 2012

Welcome our new Board Members!

I am excited to announce three new board members for the Central Iowa Bearcats! Please join me in welcoming them and if you haven't been to a First Thursday Social lately, make sure you come to meet them.

(First Thursday of every month, Murphy's Bar & Grill, 2675 100th St, Urbandale, 6pm)

Social Chair, Stephanie Moore

1. Year Graduated from Northwest?
I graduated from NWMSU in 2007

2. Degree Achieved?
I have a BS in Broadcasting and Speech Communications

3. Hometown?
West Des Moines, Iowa

4. So what do you do now?
TV Reporter for WHO, Channel 13-please watch :)

5. Favorite NW memory?
My favorite NWMSU memory was when I was able to host the Homecoming parade for KNWT my junior year. I stood on top of Wells Hall freezing with a big cup of hot chocolate and broadcast the parade live on TV. It was after that experience I knew I had choose the right major and couldn't wait to become a reporter after graduation

6. Why did you decide to be a board member?
I wanted to get involved in my community more, and since I loved my time at NWMSU I knew this organization was a good place to start

7. What would you like to accomplish in your position in the next year?
I hope to continue to plan fun outings for all us alumni. I think we need to step outside the box and have both social event as well as opportunities for us to volunteer and help out our community.

Membership Chair, Travis Lehman

1. Year graduated from Northwest? 2006

2. Degree Achieved?
Marketing Degree and then I started working on my MBA

3. Hometown? Adel, IA

4. So what do you do now?
Freight Conductor for the Union Pacific Railroad

5. Favorite NW memory?
So many memories, but I would say serving the local community.

6. Why did you decide to be a board member?
I wanted to give back to the chapter, I know I could provide a great service.

7. What would you like to accomplish in your position in the next year?
I would like to help increase the membership and involvement with chapter here in Iowa. There are quite a few alum in the area, and I am sure I could help grow the chapter.

Student Support Chair, Dawnette Smith

1.Year Graduated from Northwest? 1992

2. Degree Achieved? Elementary Education

3. Hometown? Des Moines, IA -- Carlisle High School

4. So what do you do now? I'm a Program Manager for Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa.

5. Favorite NW memory? Traveling with the “12 New Guppies” (a band)

6. Why you decided to be a board member? I really want to reconnect with Northwest and its students.

7. What you'd like to accomplish in your position in the next year? I want new students to feel comfortable before they arrive on campus, to feel like they already belong.

Make sure to welcome them when you see them! If you would like to learn more about the board and what positions are available, please contact me at

In other news, we now have a twitter account! Make sure to follow us at IowaNWBearcats. A big thanks to Stephanie Moore for setting that up!

We'll see you on Thursday, September 6 for our First Thursday Social!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Get on Board!

It's that time of year again when we are thinking about our upcoming year and we discuss the board! This is a great way to get more involved with the organization you love AND have a say in decisions that are made! This Thursday, July 5, we are going to be discussing who would be great in these positions and taking any nominations. The board meets at 5:30 so if you or someone you know is interested, please make sure you're there! Currently, we have the following positions on our board.

Vice President
Social Chair
Membership Chair
Student Involvement Chair
Networking Chair
Advancement Chair

A few of them are currently filled, but on Thursday we will find out if the position holders would like to continue. Please email me at if you are interested! Go Bearcats!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Coin Quest for Northwest!

The Central Iowa Chapter has never been about money. We don't have dues or fancy fundraisers for the University. In fact, on our facebook page, it says, "Our local chapter isn’t about money. No treasury. No financial obligations. We simply want to introduce you to fellow Bearcats in the area and keep you connected to the University." However, we want to stay connected to the University by giving back, if you're able! So, we came up with the "Coin Quest for Northwest!" (Thanks, Faith!) It is, simply, a spare change drive. At every event, whether it be a First Thursday Social or another special event, we will bring a large jar in hopes of filling it up and raising money for our scholarship. So-- clean out your car ashtrays, look under your couch cushions and prevent your pockets from jingling as you walk!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Support Northwest by Eating Dessert!

The Central Iowa Bearcats have teamed up with Tartine restaurant in Clive to raise money for our scholarship!
On Wednesday, March 21, visit Tartine Restaurant to eat dessert! One hundred percent, yes 100%, of proceeds for the sale of any dessert sold that night will be donated to us! So bring friends, family or make it a date night and support Northwest!
Tartine is located at 12695 University Ave. Clive, IA 50325. Visit their website for a full menu--
See you there!