Monday, March 19, 2012

Coin Quest for Northwest!

The Central Iowa Chapter has never been about money. We don't have dues or fancy fundraisers for the University. In fact, on our facebook page, it says, "Our local chapter isn’t about money. No treasury. No financial obligations. We simply want to introduce you to fellow Bearcats in the area and keep you connected to the University." However, we want to stay connected to the University by giving back, if you're able! So, we came up with the "Coin Quest for Northwest!" (Thanks, Faith!) It is, simply, a spare change drive. At every event, whether it be a First Thursday Social or another special event, we will bring a large jar in hopes of filling it up and raising money for our scholarship. So-- clean out your car ashtrays, look under your couch cushions and prevent your pockets from jingling as you walk!

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