Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chapter T-Shirts

We are selling chapter short sleeved t-shirts to raise money for our scholarship fund. The shirts are $15 each and are available in regular or ladies fit. The shirts are gray with dark green print and have a logo in the chest pocket area (no pocket) and on the sleeve. Pictures may be found below.

Please contact if you're interested in purchasing a shirt! We will have a limited number available at the football watch party on Dec 5th as well. If you are unable to attend the watch party we can include your order with our next batch of shirts from the printer.

Chest Pocket Area

Right Sleeve

1 comment:

Maggie Stalter said...

What would be the chances of getting one of those shipped somewhere? Maggie Stalter (07) and I'm in Korea but my mom's been searching for years for an Alumni shirt or sweatshirt since it's a traditional gift she gets each of us (her kids) after graduating. She is Iowa just west of Des Moines in Stuart. I would love to get one if possible.